Campaign Finance Reform

Having worked in Congress, Guido has seen first hand the outsized role money plays in politics. Congress represents the American people, and your voice should never be drowned out by corporate interests.


Meanwhile, Rep. Lois Frankel has built a campaign machine using money from corporate Political Action Committees (PACs). Even though there are some within the political establishment that would argue “this is how the game is played,” your vote and voice are not a game to Guido, who has not and will not take money from corporate PACs.

As your Member of Congress, campaign finance reform will be at the heart of Guido’s efforts to ensure that your voice is heard in the Halls of Congress. It is your vote, not your pocketbook, that is behind the policies he will champion on your behalf.

As your representative in Congress, Guido will fight to:

  • Overturn Citizens United. This disastrous Supreme Court ruling allows corporations to spend unlimited amounts of money to influence elections. Because of this court decision, large corporate bodies like businesses and special interest groups are considered the same as real people. When those corporations can spend unlimited amounts in their own interest, their combined resources drown out the voices of everyday Americans. This cannot continue.


  • Work towards a publicly funded campaign system. Small donor financing and public financing incentivizes the candidates for public office to reach out to many (also increasing voter participation), not just a few large donors. A public campaign finance system allows for less wealthy candidates to compete, and reduces corporate money and influence in our political system.  


  • End donations from lobbyists. Those who are in Congress advocating on behalf of companies, and frequently foreign governments, should not be able to give thousands of dollars to influence politicians. 

  • End foreign influence in our campaign finance system. In the 2016 elections, foreign governments held a number of social media accounts that bought political ads. US corporations and limited liability companies, even those that are foreign owned, are contributing to politicians and PACs.

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