Fighting For Your Health Care

America spends far more for health care than any other country. We have the highest prescription drug prices in the entire world. 30 million Americans (1.5x the population of Florida) are living without health insurance. Medical bills are the #1 cause of personal bankruptcies in the U.S.

In Florida, like the rest of America, rising and unstable premiums, high copays and deductibles, and surprise bills plague our families and have made health care a luxury for the privileged. 


Healthcare does not have to be this way -- people should never have to decide between paying medical bills and paying for rent, food, or school. The solutions to high prescription costs and expanded coverage are within reach, but take courage and leadership and the ability to fight gridlock and corporate interests. 


We should be reinforcing Medicaid and its expansion in order to continue increasing access to healthcare, not taking it away from millions. We should be strengthening Medicare and removing barriers to care for our elderly and disabled. To support these goals, Guido will fight to decrease the costs of your health care and will not take corporate money from pharmaceutical companies or insurance companies.


As your Representative, Guido will fight for: 


  • Healthcare for every American. Guido believes no American should struggle financially to receive health care because healthcare is a human right. The United States is the only industrialized country that does not provide healthcare to all of its citizens, but Guido will fight to provide healthcare for every American; it is time for Medicare for All.


  • Protect Americans with pre-existing conditions. Guido believes in preserving and expanding the existing Medicare and Medicaid programs; he will not let any of the existing programs be put on the chopping block. 


  • Cap prescription drug prices. Guido believes in capping prescription drug prices, allowing Medicare to negotiate prices with drug companies, and pegging median drug prices to other developed countries globally. These actions would allow us to rein in the drug prices that significantly affect American families.  

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