Immigration Reform

There are hundreds of thousands of foreign born residents in Palm Beach County, and Florida's 21st Congressional District is home to tens of thousands of immigrants who contribute to the fabric of our community. Unfortunately, our current federal policies continue to turn the arm of the state against these active and underappreciated members of society. For the purpose of political gain, the current administration’s actions dehumanize immigrants, many of whom are seeking refuge from brutal conditions beyond their control in their countries of origin. Guido will fight for humane immigration reform and fight to restore our status as a beacon of hope for the struggling and downtrodden. 


The United States is a nation of immigrants, founded by people, many fleeing persecution and others who sought a better future. Three of Guido’s four grandparents left Europe around World War II and built lives here. Growing up hearing the stories of his grandparents raised Guido to have a deep, empathetic appreciation for the plight of those seeking a place in the United States. Many of our local community’s greatest contributors come from immigrant backgrounds, and these members' right to maintain their place in America must be ensured.


As your representative, Guido will:

  • Fight to end for-profit detention centers and their influence in our political system. We cannot maintain a system where for-profit detention centers donate significantly to local, state, and federal politicians to support mass incarceration, prioritizing profits over lives. Unfortunately, politicians from both parties have benefited from investing in for-profit detention centers and taking campaign money from for-profit detention centers, Guido will never accept contributions from such corporations. 

  • Protect immigrants from slave-like conditions. American citizens and immigrants (legal or not), should never be exploited by anyone in this country. Many immigrants fear going to authorities to address exploitative conditions due to concerns over deportation or other forms of retribution. Guido will work to create stronger protections for all workers in this country. 

  • Reverse President Trump’s discriminatory executive orders. President Trump has released a number of executive orders on immigration based on politics and inhumane policy, including siphoning money from our armed forces for a misguided border wall. Guido will fight to reverse these orders.

  • Protect Dreamers and their families. Dreamers were protected by DACA (Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals) under the Obama Administration, a program the Supreme Court upheld in 2020. They came here as children, and built their lives in the US. They must be given a clear pathway to citizenship. 

  • Extend Temporary Protected Status (TPS) and Deferred Enforced Departure (DED) for those in need and provide them with a pathway to citizenship. TPS and DED holders came from countries impacted by war, natural disasters, or other strife. Many have been here for over a decade, built lives in the United States, and still cannot safely or feasibly return to their countries of origin. 

  • Expand legal immigration. We need a system that works, and promotes legal and secure immigration regardless of one’s country of origin, including the 11 million currently living in the U.S. Immigration strengthens our economy and builds the fabric of our nation. We need to bring those who are already here out from the shadows and into the system, and protect them to improve our society. 

  • Increase the amount of refugees allowed into the United States. The United States is at a historic low in refugee admissions. There is ongoing conflict around the world, and many of these conflicts the U.S. has been a major contributor to. We are denying those looking for safety and prosperity which again displays the President’s prioritization of politics over humane policy. 

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