Preserving Our Environment

As your Representative, Guido will fight for:


  • Preserving our ecosystem: encourage clean energy, clean water, Everglades restoration, wildlife protection, and healthy air.


  • Decreasing reliance on single-use plastics. 


  • Preventing chemical degradation of our coastlines and the Everglades.


  • Increasing federal resources to preserve Florida beaches and waterways. 


  • Curbing carbon pollution and investing in clean energy jobs. Guido supports H.R. 763, the Energy Innovation and Carbon Dividend Act.

  • Combating climate change with a Green New Deal that mobilizes American society to convert to 100% clean and renewable energy. 

In South Florida, we are blessed with the most beautiful coastline in the country. The Gulf Stream’s clear water lends us crystal clear warmth year-round, and is the life of our economy, bringing together tourism, fishing, trade, and recreation. Our ecosystem is the reason that millions visit every year to enjoy our South Florida lifestyle. 


Unfortunately, our environment is increasingly under pressure from climate change, industrial forces, and other man-made factors. We continue to lose beaches from losing sand at an irreplaceable rate, and we continue to lose coral and fish -- in the past 20 years, about half of Florida's Corals have died. Last year was the second hottest on record.

While clean energy use gains prominence in South Florida, we have such an opportunity to expand its usage to power homes and schools. Renewable energy will combat global warming, improve public health, and bring about millions of new green energy jobs.

Guido's Op-Ed on the environment, as published by The Invading Sea

To protect Florida’s environment, politicians must resist the lobbying power of the agricultural industry
Government needs to regulate the damaging practices of commercial agriculture

By Guido Weiss, Democratic candidate for the U.S. House

In the coming month, millions of Floridians, including myself, will start preparing for hurricane season. As we brace for the potential damage of another storm, certain truths cannot be overlooked.

Global warming undeniably causes more dangerous weather systems, and warmer temperatures contribute to sea-level rise, threatening billions of dollars in infrastructure in Florida.

To deny climate change’s consequences is scientifically incorrect, but also morally reprehensible. Floridians urgently need to elect leaders who are committed to protecting our environment and the livelihoods of Floridians for generations to come.

Since announcing my candidacy in the Democratic primary for Florida’s 21st Congressional District in Palm Beach County, I have been adamant in supporting federal legislation to protect our economy and environment. As a representative, I will fight to ensure a Green New Deal to reduce our reliance on fossil fuels and steer America toward a clean energy future.

Shifting the nation away from fossil fuels will mitigate the harmful effects of climate change while reducing our reliance on foreign energy. Meanwhile, investments made in the clean energy sector will create millions of jobs that will ensure America leads the world in energy innovation. Transitioning to renewable energy is not a compromise between environment and economy, rather it is an investment protecting both for generations to come.

Reducing our consumption of fossil fuels is not enough to protect the environment.  Under-regulated commercial agriculture also presents a threat to our state. Runoff from fertilizers contributes to recurring algal blooms that harm our wildlife, tourism industry and coral reefs.

Seasonal crop burns also release toxins into the air. All around, we are endangering the health of our communities and ecosystems. We have the potential for more sustainable and diversified agricultural models in Florida and across the United States, but corporate agriculture exerts considerable influence on Florida’s politicians.

It is the duty of elected officials to act in the best interests of constituents, not corporations.

The goal of democracy is not to elect the best party, but to elect the best person. To confront the climate crisis, we must first elect leaders whose personal interests are in sync with those of the nation.

Throughout my campaign, I have pledged to reject campaign donations from corporations that profit at the expense of people.  It is the duty of Democrats to elect the best possible candidates to represent the values of our party.

Guido Weiss is a progressive Democratic candidate for Florida’s 21st Congressional District in Palm Beach County, who was born and raised in Wellington. Guido is a Navy Reserve officer, and before running for office, he was a senior adviser in Congress. The Democratic primary is Aug. 18.


“The Invading Sea” is the opinion arm of the Florida Climate Reporting Network, a collaborative of news organizations across the state focusing on the threats posed by the warming climate.


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