Guido Weiss Qualifies to Challenge Lois Frankel at the Ballot

Wellington, FL - Today, Democrat Guido Weiss qualified to challenge Lois Frankel at the ballot on August 18th. 

Guido Said: "I am proud to announce that I am officially on the Democratic ballot to challenge Rep. Lois Frankel on August 18th for Florida’s 21st Congressional District.

As a former congressional advisor, I know when a representative fights for their constituents and when a representative has become complacent. In the Navy, I was taught that a leader with integrity behaves the same in public as they do in private. I cannot sit idle while Rep. Lois Frankel communicates one message to our district but behaves differently off camera. 

  • Frankel is a career politician, who rather than using her position to make Palm Beach County and the country a better place, focuses on climbing the Washington, DC political ladder. 

  • Frankel is in the pocket of big agriculture and other polluting industries, and focuses more on politics than protecting Florida’s environment. 

  • Frankel is in the pocket of big pharma and health insurance companies, as well documented by her campaign finance report and personal financial disclosure. Rather than working to cut our healthcare costs, Frankel has personally benefited from high prices. 

  • Despite nearly eight years in Congress, Frankel has few legislative accomplishments. The people of Palm Beach County have not gotten their vote’s worth. 

The people of Palm Beach County deserve better. We deserve a representative with an ambitious agenda that encompasses Democratic values such as accessible healthcare for all. Most importantly, we deserve a representative that answers to the voters, not the corporate donors. 

I decided to run for the same reason that I became an officer in the United States Navy Reserve and worked as an advisor in Congress - to improve the lives of our community and country. Now more than ever, Congress needs to hear our concerns.

Palm Beach County will always be my home. I have four generations of family here, I went to high school here, was a Boy Scout here, joined the Navy from here, and I will fight for the needs and aspirations of our community in Washington. 

If elected to Congress, I promise to not take corporate donations and to always have the interests of our diverse community at heart - no matter race, age, gender, political party, or religion.

To the people of Palm Beach County, thank you for making qualification possible.  I humbly ask for your support and your vote on August 18th."


Guido Weiss

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