Guido Weiss's Concession Statement

I would like to congratulate Rep. Lois Frankel on winning the primary and Democratic nomination. This upcoming November election will be very demanding on her, her family, and her team, and I wish them success and health.

Our campaign was a long-shot. Rep. Frankel had over a million dollars, while I had one percent of that; COVID prevented us from meeting voters for months, and we had the uphill battle of challenging 30+ years of incumbency. But despite the odds, we accomplished so much.

What started as a handful of people grew to thousands of supporters and 100 dedicated volunteers who supported get out the vote efforts, local food distributions, building networks of partners across every corner of our district, and who walked in protest for social justice.

While this is a setback, this is not a loss, and over the next two years, this momentum will keep growing.

I am so proud of what we achieved. Our campaign, like many that came before us, has shifted the public priorities and conversations. For years, many in our community were ignored, and together we challenged the incumbent to engage those communities. We are proud supporters of those fighting for a more just society, and have energized the incumbent to do so as well. We made great strides to improve transparency within the political process, as well as show our community how to look up their representatives’ achievements (or lack thereof) and funders. And we started our district’s first Democratic congressional campaign that refuses corporate donations, and now Palm Beach County residents are demanding more from their representatives.

From the bottom of my heart, I am grateful for everyone who donated their time, even if only an hour -- for those who donated their hard-earned money, even if it was only a few dollars -- and for everyone who voted for me, all twelve thousand of you.

I could not be more impressed by everyone who contributed to this campaign, and I am honored that you put your beliefs into action even when it meant standing in 100 degree heat for hours to help voters. I can only hope you learned half as much from me as I have from every single one of you.

There are too many people to thank by name, but first and foremost, I want to thank my wife, my main supporter, without whom, none of this could have happened. Thank you to my family and her family, who lent tremendous support from day one. Thank you to my friends, many of whom stopped what they were doing to help the second we announced. And thank you, to our team and every volunteer - you are incredible. Your care for our community and your concern for the people who live here makes our district the wonderful home it is, and your work has made our home that much better. I look forward to continuing our work together.


Guido Weiss

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