The Problem With Our Party & What I Want to Do About It

Wellington, FL - Guido Weiss explains his primary race against Rep. Frankel.

From Guido:

The Party: Today I got off the phone with somebody who is well connected to the Democratic Party in Palm Beach County. He angrily rejected the thought that any Democrat would run against a Democratic incumbent. I was told, “You are a Democrat - how dare you challenge a Democrat?” But that is the point of party primaries; democracy requires an open discussion by its members about a community’s priorities. The establishment-connected individual also thought that the only people who should run for office are those who climb the ranks of the Democratic party for decades.

But I disagree.

For years, due to party-line politics, nobody has challenged Rep. Frankel. We have not had a forum to discuss a variety of issues that matter to our community. Through my campaign, I want to open that conversation. Also, I do not believe in the business of career politicians who chomp at the bit for their leaders to retire or run for a different office. When I enlisted in the Navy I took an oath to support and defend the Constitution. The Constitution does not say that you should be a party-approved citizen to run, but it does say that representatives will be chosen by the people.

The People: Everywhere I go in Palm Beach County, Democrats and members of the community are throwing their support behind our race. The people of Palm Beach County know that Rep. Frankel has a short list of accomplishments in Congress, and is a career politician. They feel disconnected from their representative. Rep. Frankel is out of touch with the neighborhoods and cities that need that connection most. The community recognizes that Rep. Frankel is tied down by corporate money and is partisan to the core. Corporate, career politicians like Frankel make our politics more divisive. It is time for a Representative that will go to Congress and support the interests of Palm Beach County voters. We have given Rep. Frankel seven years in Congress and she has not been held accountable or had to explain herself to the people of Palm Beach County. It is time for the public to weigh in.

Me: I am a local, concerned citizen. I am an officer in the United States Navy and have worked as a congressional advisor on Capitol Hill for the last four years.  I know exactly why our system is not working, which is why I want to be a part of the solution. I have the chutzpa to stand up to Frankel and party politics. I want to encourage political involvement across our community and have an open dialogue within our community about what we expect from our elected officials. I want our community to hold our representatives accountable if they don’t live up to our expectations.


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