"Why I Am Running for Congress Against the Odds"

Updated: Feb 23

Wellington, FL - Former House of Representatives Legislative Director Guido Weiss lays out his vision for leadership in Florida's 21st Congressional District.

From Guido:

Florida’s 21st Congressional District is my home and where I have four generations of family. I went to school here, I’ve worked here, and this is where I enlisted in the US Navy. South Florida is where much of my family has retired and where more of my family is growing. I am committed to the success of our community - each and every person.  Unfortunately, we lack a representative in Congress that has our community’s best interests in mind, and who gets involved with each neighborhood. Ask yourself, when was the last time your representative visited your neighborhood, community center, or religious institution? Despite over seven years on the job, the current representative’s list of accomplishments is just not enough. We can do better, and we need to do better. As your representative, I would never lose touch with our community, and I would spend every moment I can in your neighborhoods. I would work tirelessly to bring your interests to Washington. For the past few years, I have worked as a National Security Advisor and a Legislative Director in Congress for Democratic members of Congress. My job included meeting with community groups from all backgrounds; I would listen to their needs and concerns, and would formulate policy that would help ease their challenges.  From this experience, I witnessed what makes an effective representative and community leader; one who meets their constituents often in open public forums, solicits feedback from organizations on the ground, and gets legislation passed into law that adds value to their community. As your representative in Congress,  I would work to improve access to healthcare; I believe in protecting those with pre-existing conditions, ensuring routine care and preventive services, and making prescription drugs more affordable. I believe in making public education more accessible and improving the conditions of our public schools. I also believe protecting our environment and addressing climate change is essential for keeping our community thriving. I believe everyone should have equal rights - no matter gender or sexual orientation. And I support a responsible foreign policy that keeps us safe, but does not waste trillions of  dollars on forever wars. As your representative - I would treat each resident equally, regardless of political party, identity, affiliation, or religion. I am not a career politician. Unlike your current representative, I will not take money from special interests that would cloud me from supporting policies you care about. And unlike your representative, I do not have a million dollars in my campaign bank account; I am funded by small donors across the district who want a representative that represents them. My goal is to work with you, and fight with you to show our leaders that they need to do their jobs, or be held accountable. If you support me on August 18th in the Democratic primary - we will have the opportunity to show every politician in Florida that complacency and community favoritism will not be accepted. We have the opportunity to prove that it does not take money to make change, it takes the trust of the community.


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