Student Debt Relief & Public Educations Investment

Tuition at American universities for a four year degree is the highest in the world, causing Americans over $1.6 trillion dollars of student debt. 


Over the past few decades, while student debt and costs of tuition have skyrocketed, real wages have barely increased. With little real wage growth, people are increasingly unable to pay off their debt, especially when high loan interest rates are considered.


In addition to an already tough situation, student debt is not distributed evenly; nearly two thirds of American student debt is held by women. 


As a former student personally affected by student debt, Guido knows firsthand the financial burden education has become. We need student debt relief and we need greater investment in public advanced education - and we need it now. 


As your member of Congress, Guido will push for:


  • Student loan debt relief. Guido believes our country needs a reset on student loan debt to avoid having an entire generation stuck in an endless cycle of debt, so he supports student debt relief.

  • Student loan interest caps on all loans. High interest rates prohibit debt holders from paying off their debt, and can extend the period of debt for many years. Guido supports limiting the interest rates on student loans. 

  • Investments in public education. Student loan debt relief and interest rate caps must be complemented by investments in public education, community colleges, technical schools, and four year institutions. Guido supports the transition to low cost and free public education options across the board.  

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